15 Fun Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

These cheap teacher gift ideas are fun, practical and sure to be appreciated! Plus they are all easy to make too! 

Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas

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I think teachers are some of the most amazing people!  They work incredibly hard and invest so much into the lives of their students!  Here are 15 fun and inexpensive ways to say thank you to them.

Because teachers get a lot of gifts, I tried to make sure that these ideas were not only inexpensive, but practical as well.  I also included several fun ways to present gift cards, because really, who doesn’t love getting them?!

15 Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas- hands down soap

1.  Hands Down Soap Gift from Eighteen25
Simple, useful and cute!  And you can easily pick up great smelling hand soaps for just a couple of dollars making this super inexpensive.

Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gifts

2.  Soda-lighted Soda Gift from Tammy Mitchell Designs
While I’m not a soda drinker, I thought this was really adorable.  And if I were doing it, I think I’d make it special and healthier by using Izze Sparkling Soda.  (If you’ve never tried Izze you should.  It’s so good!)

Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas

3.  Tote-ally Awesome Tote from Skip to my Lou
What lady can’t use a cute new tote bag?  Skip to my Lou links to a couple of easy tutorials to make your own bag.  Or if you are like me and don’t enjoy sewing, you could use one of these pretty Beach Bags or this Shoulder Bag from Amazon.

End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

4.  Tea-rific Tea Gift from Everyday Savvy
I love iced tea and think this tea themed gift is so fun!  I know I sure wouldn’t mind sipping my tea from a cup like this.  You should be able to find the cup at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or have this Copco Sierra 24-Ounce Cold Tumbler shipped directly to you.

Gifts for Teachers

5.  Starbucks Teachers Gift from Hi Sugarplum!
If you are wanting to give the ever popular Starbucks gift card, this is a really cute way to package it!  Or you can use this Thanks a Latte printable if you prefer.

Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas

6.  Sweet/Cool Gift Card Holder from Skip to my Lou
These fun, fresh looking gift card holders would work great with pretty much any gift card.  I especially like the “cool teacher” one paired with a Cold Stone gift card.

Great Cheap Teacher Gifts

7.  Couldn’t Have Picked a Better Teacher from Dixie Delights
Here’s a cute healthy gift idea- and you can even use an old tomato or berry carton as the holder!  How’s that for creative recycling?

Fun Teacher Gifts on a Budget

8.  Summer Relaxation Kit from Skip to my Lou
While this gift might be a bit more expensive than some, I think with a little thought you should be able to do it inexpensively too.  If you use coupons a lot you know that you can often get snacks and things like lotion, body wash and sunscreen for free or very cheap.  The dollar store or Five Below would also be a great place to look for fun items.  And you could even use a magazine that you already read- providing that it still looks new!

Cheap small gifts for teacher

9.  Fortunate to have you as a Teacher Gift from 71 Toes
Isn’t this is a creative way to give a gift card to an Asian restaurant?  Party supply or craft stores should have the take out boxes or just use these Chinese Take Out Food Boxes.

Best Cheap Gifts for Teacher

10.  Helping Me Grow from Tiny Oranges
You may have noticed that succulents are super popular right now.  Use them to make this darling thank you gift or if you aren’t into succulents, simply add the note to a regular potted plant.

These inexpensive succulents would work well and I love these darling little planter pots too!

Best Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

11.  Uh-Mason Teacher from Lil’ Luna
Mason jars are all the rage and this Mason jar cup gift is sure to be a hit.  Fill it will candy or even something like paper clips.  I think that Walmart and Target have the cups or order this 2-Pack Sipper Drinking Jar from Amazon.

What to give teacher for a gift

12.  Sharp Minds Teacher Gift from Slice of Heaven
Teachers can always use more Sharpie markers, right?  This is a neat way to give a practical gift and say thank you at the same time!  (See gift idea #4 for a link to buy cups like this.)

Frugal Teacher Gift Ideas

13.  Target Gift Card Holder from Landeelu
Who wouldn’t love a Target gift card?  And this gift card holder is so creative!

Budget Gifts ideas to give a Teacher

14Lemonade Gift from Lisa Storms
Another fun cup idea!  And if you don’t like the lemonade theme, simply fill the cup with something else and just use the “Quench for thirst” tag.

Cheap End of Year Teacher Gifts

15Note of Thanks from Sweet Metal Moments
Stationary is always a useful gift and this pretty “Note” of thanks card is perfect to pair with any notebook, sticky notes, or journal.  And if the teacher was your child’s favorite, here’s another similar gift tag that works for that!

Looking for other cheap gift ideas?  Check these out.


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